East Coast Brewing Company

The Brewery

our state-of-the-art brewery

East Coast Brewing company started as a dream along with a passion and desire to create greatness. Owner, Brewer and CEO of East Coast Brewing Company, Rocco Fontana stopped at nothing until his dream became reality.

Travelling the world working with brew masters and ingredient manufacturers to gain invaluable knowledge and insight into the industry. After years of learning from the best across the globe, from Bamberg in Germany to Australia, the USA and back, Rocco Fontana worked closely with the likes of esteemed Brewing Systems to learn more about the trade, developing recipes and finding the best processing methods and equipment.

Rocco started building his brand by producing East Coast Brewing Company’s beer overseas and sending it back to South Africa to test the market. Supplying unique batches to events and smaller bars in Durban and Cape Town. Realising it was sustainable East Coast Brewing Company was built on the Fontana Families Estate in Umkomaas in 2017. East Coast Brewing Company supplies retail stores, bars and restaurants in greater Durban, Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Today East Coast Brewing Company is one of the largest and most advanced independently owned brewing facilities in Southern Africa. The entire brewing process is carefully controlled using state-of-the-art equipment and all products are made with only the highest quality of natural ingredients – 100% pure malt, internationally sourced hops, with absolutely zero adjuncts, added sugars, artificial preservatives or malt substitutes, producing beer under strict purity laws and ensuring pride and passion can be tasted in every mouthful. It is because of this dedication that one can expect a meticulously crafted, premium beer – every time.

Every golden drop is designed, sculpted and engineered to deliver a delicate, balanced beer that not only draws you closer, but offers a sheer and crisp aroma. With that first sip, experience a burst of complex flavours and citrus notes. Something Nostalgic…. Something that’s easy to drink, that takes you back in time, but also makes new memories. An experience worth sharing.

Interested in HOW WE make our beer TASTE so GOOD?

Join US ON a Brewery tour

Each brewery tour is held by Ceo and Brewer Rocco Fontana.
The tour will take you through the production of the brewery and educate you on how the brewery is run and the beer is made, ending off with a tasting of fresh beer on tap.

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