East Coast Brewing Company

The taproom


The East Coast Brewing Company Taproom was established in 2017 and is situated on the Fontana Family Farm Estate on the South Coast of Kwa-Zulu Natal. People from all over the world have enjoyed visiting the East Coast Brewing Company brewery, experiencing a variety of fresh locally produced beer styles on tap and the lush green lawns and its surroundings. Seating areas are available inside and outside, whether you would like to enjoy the view of our production line or the picturesque farmland, we have something for everyone. A brewery that is a family friendly environment. We welcome all. 
Our famous Nguni cow parade is enjoyed by spectators as they watch the herd follow their trail home every Friday at 4pm. A spectacular sight, showcasing true Africa. 

We are open

12h00 – 22h00

11h00 – 18h00

Interested in HOW WE make our beer TASTE so GOOD?

Join US ON a Brewery tour

Each brewery tour is held by Ceo and Brewer Rocco Fontana.
The tour will take you through the production of the brewery and educate you on how the brewery is run and the beer is made, ending off with a tasting of fresh beer on tap.

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